Chuck Wachtler & Sydney Headley

Sydney learned how to sew from her good friend Sue, an elderly woman who lived down the street from her family back in CO. They would spend afternoons listening to Johnny Mathis cassettes tapes and enjoying each others company and wisdom. Sue unfortunately passed away in July and Sydney’s work for this line is in memory of that sweet sweet woman.

Charlie has spent the last few years building the ‘Bucket’ brand which he has used for both his clothing and music. There has been a lot of experimentation and self learning that has lead to pieces you see today which vary greatly but tend to hold roots in the realm of functional and sustainable fashion.

These two have been a part of each others lives for a while now but discovered their love for sewing as individuals. Both designers work almost exclusively with Goodwill sourced materials. Because their creative ideas tend to mesh and overlap in so many ways, they chose to join forces once again for ATLAS season IV. ‘Be present, enjoy the moment, breathe deep.’